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Internal Chi Gong and Daoism from the Shaolin Temple 
Feb 6 3-4:30 PT 
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Are you worried about the future? Do you feel the ups and downs in life are becoming out of control? Is stress beginning to consume you?

By changing your perspective just one degree your whole life can change. 

I will guide you to use simple practices that you can use to make a change in your life. Whether it’s business, relationships, health, or soulful, you will see a difference. View options below: 

Chi Gong and Dao Coaching Sessions 

As a Master in Chi Gong and Kabbalah with over 30 years of training and coaching, I will guide you to re-awaken the power within you. Learn how to look inside and feel fulfilled by the boundless energy within you and what you have. 

The Dao and Chi Gong is all about balance. I will teach you how to attain balance in your life. Everyone needs help to get unstuck in their life. I will share the accurate techniques of internal Chi Gong and Consciousness concentrating on attaining balance. 

Each session is focused on rebalancing an aspect in your life, connecting to the breath through active meditations, and building Chi.
I will create a space so that you can feel the energy and get a jump start in using the tools. My focus is to teach you the ways to heal yourself and I will guide you to tailor these techniques to balance your energy. 
I will teach you positive consciousness that you can use to change your thoughts about the part in your life you find difficult. We will only connect to positive energy.
The Chi Gong masters believe that once the Chi flows everything flows and blockages will remove on their own. 

Learn how to fill your relationships, your business life, your health, and overall well-being with success, fulfillment, and happiness for the long-term. 

Recommended: 3 or 10 in-depth sessions. You will see an immediate difference in your life although this is not instant gratification. You need a few minutes of conscious connection everyday to continue the trajectory of growth. Each time we meet you will re-connect on a deeper level. The more sessions, the more results you will notice in your life. The more you do it, the longer the results will last. This is an investment worth a lifetime. 

Life Coaching 
On a more personal level, I have helped many couples bridge their worlds as a relationship coach. I have also helped individuals move forward in their own life. I also use the same ideas to bridge business relationships and partnerships to be more in unity and improve the flow of the businesses.
Bring more unity and balance to your personal, business, or family relationships. Take this opportunity, take the time and join me. Re-focus and connect to peace, love, and positive energy. 

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Deeper Healing Services:
With over 30 years of experience and intensive study from world renowned masters, these powerful healing modalities really work. Services include: 
Astrology Insight
Working with Angels
Connecting to Past Life
Crystal Charging 
House Clearing
Feng Shui Consultations
Please email me at for more information. Additional costs vary for deeper healing services.

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