Chi Gong Breath

Connection and Consciousness

Chi Gong Masters say they practice for good health and long life…that’s already a good reason to start, right? 
You will learn how to access the full potential within you using the power of your breath with Sifu Avi (Chi Gong Master). 
  • How to breathe from the Dantian 
  • Simple Chi Gong movements: 4 movements from Wu-Dan and 8 Brocade 
  • Activate your internal positive energy
  • Access healing energy 
  • Build storehouse of Chi (happiness, fulfillment, security, and certainty in life)

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    • Learn at your own pace
    • Practice daily 
    • Breath of the Dantian
    • Active Meditations  
    • 8 Brocade Postures
    • Loosening the Joints Warm Up
    • Access to the routine at your availability 
    More about the course:
    You will learn
    • The Ancient Chi Gong Breath of Life 
    • Consciousness of the Breath 
    • How to Focus Thoughts 
    • Reduce Stress
    • Balance Emotions
    • Feel Physically Energized
    • How to Access our Internal Healing Energy and Fulfillment    
    • and Much More

    Success: Bring Business, All Relationships, and Your Personal Life to the Next Level 

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    • How to get motivated
    • How to regain focus
    • How to make better decisions
    • How to improve your sales
    • How to feel energized and stimulated
    • Bring unity and love into your relationships
    • Make peace with people in your environment 
    • Learn about Quantum energy
    • Refocus your entire life and make exponential, transformational growth quickly
    • Reduce stress, improve focus, balance emotions and much more

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    Every Sunday 10-11am PST
    I will speak so you understand the practice and explain how the breath activates healing or balance in your life. I focus on POSITIVE CHI to make changes in your life. This is a combination of philosophies that I learned taking different points of view of the same idea because I believe together it’s more complete. 
    The unique practice of Soulfusion Breathe is not only to strengthen the body but to balance the mind and build your focus and energy.
    When you breathe the energy of life in this storehouse of Chi you will be able to handle situations and flow in your life more than ever before. This means you can handle your business and your relationships in new and improved ways.
    When we connect to our breath we re-connect to our endless, internal power. I will assist you to open and connect to your dantian. You will learn the ancient secrets of the breath of life, consciousness of breathing, access internal fulfillment, and how to activate the powerful energy within you. 
    Have more energy, power, wisdom and confidence to take control over your life.
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    Sunday 10-11am PST 
    Advanced Chi Gong Classes 
  • Washing Body 
  • Hand Acupuncture
  • Taiji Chi Gong
  • Microcosmos
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