Chi Gong Master Course

Chi Gong Masters say they practice for good health and long life…that’s already a good reason to start, right? 

Soulfusion Chi Gong is a powerful blend of 3 different practices. This is unique practice combines the methods of Grand Masters, who were called the Immortals, from thousands of years ago. It’s a combination that restores focus and increases energy.

You will learn how to access the full potential within you using the power of your breath with Sifu Avi (Chi Gong Master).

  • Connect to breath
  • Clear thoughts
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve focus
  • Balance emotions
  • Become stronger
  • Increase longevity 
  • And much more


Spiritual Warrior Class

  • How to breathe from the Dantian
  • Simple Chi Gong movements: 4 movements from Wu-Dan and 8 Brocade
  • Activate your internal positive energy
  • Access healing energy
  • Build storehouse of Chi (happiness, fulfillment, security, and certainty in life)

When you breathe the energy of life in this storehouse of Chi you will be able to handle situations and flow in your life more than ever before. This means you can handle your business and your relationships in new and improved ways.

When we connect to our breath we re-connect to our endless, internal power. I will assist you to open and connect to your dantian. You will learn the ancient secrets of the breath of life, consciousness of breathing, access internal fulfillment, and how to activate the powerful energy within you.

Have more energy, power, wisdom and confidence to take control over your life. Become certified after 4 sessions and receive your certificate for Level 1 self-healing! 

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Spiritual Warrior Workshop - Self Healing Level 1:

 In a short period of time you become the person you always wanted to be. When we connect to our breath we re-connect to our internal power, which is powerful beyond measure and can bring you contentment, peace of mind, healing and much more to all parts of your life. You will learn how to fuse this into every area of your life or any practice you have. Take yoga, meditation, prayer or business, and your relationships to another level. Have more energy, power, wisdom and confidence to take control over your life.


  • Understand the connection to our thoughts through the energies, openings and blockages throughout the body
  • Fully Balance our energies, thoughts, and feelings
  • Regain Focus
  • Target areas of our life to improve and bring this energy into those areas - whether it’s business, relationships, sustenance, health, etc.


  • 8 Brocade
  • Wu Dan
  • Delve into the 7 Chakras and 5 main parts of the body: Organs and openings, Dao and Yogi Chakras, Chakras of Bakwah, Octagon and Pentagon
  • Meditation

Each breathing workshop is about bringing more peace and unity into your life and spreading the energy to create unity around you. We are the master of our life. When we feel out of control, our breath can re-center us to the pure part of life.  

We become the masters of our life. The stronger we build our practice within, the more we can share with others. Learn how to heal yourself today.

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 "When I went to my Chi Gong master, he barely spoke English. I felt his energy as soon as I walked in the room. I asked him, what can you do for me? He took his business card and put my hand over it a distance of 20cm and I felt fire coming from it. Literally, I felt a burn in my hand. He said, I’ll teach you how to harness that energy. I thought it was a cool thing and later I felt it in my body. Then I understood that this energy could be interjected for healing myself and others. This energy can create a shield around you and balance the Chi within you. You can see a difference in your life, your relationships, your house, and even your business. This is the energy of life. When you meet me you will actually feel a heat energy around you.”  (Avi)

Deepening the Practice - Levels 2-4, Level 5 Becoming a Master:

My masters say this is the time to teach the secrets to many. I can assist you to achieve that level in a short period of time. It’s so important, especially now a days. This used to be achieved when masters dedicated their life to become a monk or warrior and obtain that kind of power. Or someone learning for 20 years to become a master, like myself. I can teach a person to learn and benefit in such a short period of time as well as strengthen and master it in 6 months to a year. That’s what I learned how to do.


Level Two

Taiji Chi Gong

Dragon breath

Sao Loong

Iron shirt

Smoothing the Chi

Washing the Body

Hand Acupuncture


Level Three

Microcosmic Orbit

Macrocosmic Orbit

Silkweavers - no movements


Level Four

Absorb from the cosmos: sun and trees

Omit energy

Protection shield

World and Universe

Healing Energy


Level Five


Deep study


How to teach


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