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From business to relationships to spirituality, Avi covers it all.

After being a Sargeant Major in the Army, he knows how to lead people in the right direction. As an R&D family-owned alternative energy public company, he knows how to run businesses. 
    How to Improve Your Business: Bring focus, motivation, and make better decisions

    I am well versed in different sides of businesses as a businessman and coach. I teach people how to monetize their business ideas and strengthen their work ethic. I have taught billionaires and small business owners. I have had successful experiences opening small businesses, developing start-ups, and teaching how to improve sales. I was an executive of business development and R&D in a family-owned alternative energy public company. I successfully traded commodities and currencies as well as stocks. For five years, I ran over 50+ Air BnBs in Los Angeles and coached other people to create their own Air BnB start-ups. I use my experience as well as my knowledge to help people to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and use tools to focus on making their venture successful. Money is energy. Blessing is created by focusing on the positive side of every situation. Changing your perspective and understanding this in a deeper way will bring success, sustenance and a flow of abundance into your life. I add spirituality and Chi Gong to my trainings if you’re interested. 

    From Stresses:


    Cash flow




    To Successes:
    How to get motivated
    How to regain focus
    How to make better decisions
    How to improve your sales
    How to feel energized and stimulated
    How to not feel drained at the end of the day

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