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Just Breathe

Are you worried about the future? Do you feel the ups and downs in life are becoming out of control? Is stress beginning to consume you? The Dao, Chi Gong, and Meditation is all about balance. I will teach you how to attain balance in your life. Everyone needs help to get unstuck in their life. I will share the accurate techniques of internal Chi Gong, Breathing and Consciousness, concentrating on attaining balance through coaching and healing, meditation and gentle movements. Chi Gong and Meditation was created for longevity and to experience no stress in life. Click below to learn more.

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What do we do?

Everything is consciousness. When we connect to a positive place, our whole life will change. I will teach you different ways to connect to positive energy. 

Improve Mental Focus 

Emotional Balance

Physical Strength 

Peace of Mind

Vital Energy


Confidence and much, much more…

This breath is the most powerful way to bring this energy into your life, react to situations in a better way, and ultimately transform your entire life. This includes our businesses, relationships, other meditative practices, and much more. 

The other aspect that I add to the practice is consciousness from a fusion of wisdoms, such as Dao, Yogi, Kabbalah, and others. This strengthens the connection. Practice together with us and connect to your most powerful energy. I will coach you through different ways to elevate your practice.

Meet Avi Chi Gong and Kabbalah Master

What is Soulfusion?

Soulfusion means to fuse our own path of spirituality and connect to our soul. Now is the time to co-create our own combination of wisdoms in unity with the whole world. Along my path, I learned that the core of all wisdoms and religions are the same. I teach the simple truths. Everyone needs to tailor their practice for their own needs. 

Whether you use the word: Creator, Spirit, Light, Love, nature or anything else, the truth is one. This energy is within each and every one of us. We just need to connect to it and share with others. As my teacher says, we need to “Activate the God-like force within us”. Kabbalist Rav. When we see this energy unites us all, we will bring peace between people and peace in the world, where everybody is treated with human dignity.

Join me to learn more and share this with others.