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My focus is the Chi Gong breath. I will teach you how to truly breathe into your dantian the right way. This breath flows the Chi, the life force of our body, and naturally brings everything in life into a perfect balance.

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Soulfusion Chi Gong

This is a unique Chi Gong practice of breathing that the ancient grand masters who were called the immortals practiced thousands of years ago. It’s a combination that promotes long life, healing, and the energy of everything. Soulfusion Chi Gong is a powerful blend of 3 different practices from 3 Grand Masters.

Mental Focus 
Emotional Balance
Physical Strength 
Peace of Mind
Vital Energy 
and much, much more…

The main focus of Chi Gong is to breathe into our dantian. Our focus is on just the simple breath of life to restore our Chi into the dantian, our personal vault in our body. This breath connects us to the energy of the Universe. It flows the Chi, the force of life, in our body and naturally brings everything in our life into a perfect balance. When we connect, the soul, mind and body become one with ourselves, others, and the world. 

We have so many blockages and stagnation. Like feeling depressed. Sometimes we don’t know why and invent a reason. Chi gong masters keep it simple. They say there’s a blockage. Connect to happiness and the blockage is removed. Anger is another blockage. The energy can’t pass the blockage and creates the feeling of frustration. Just move the blockage. Now you have security, fulfillment, and feel calm. Worried? We worry about things that don’t exist. It’s another blockage. Remove it and the energy flows. Now you feel what you already have. You’re happy. You have security and feel good about yourself. You feel balanced. Now go to the world and do your thing. The world will move and flow.

Movements are used to assist us in achieving this connection, but it is the focus on breathing to the dantian, where we connect to this energy and flow the perfected energy of unity throughout our bodies and mind. This breath is the most powerful way to bring this energy into your life, react to situations in a better way, and ultimately transform your entire life. 

The second focus is more advanced. I teach the centers and openings of the Chi Gong Chakras, the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit that intensifies the building, receiving, and flowing of energy. The third focus is on simple movements called the 8 Brocade and a few other TaiJi Chi Gong movements that flows the energy throughout the body and our environment.

The fourth aspect that I add to the practice is consciousness from different Dao, Yogi, Kabbalah, and other wisdoms: everything is consciousness, intention and focus. Focus is energy and breath. Consciousness is to have the right understanding of our lives and the Universe, and understanding how to will the Chi and how to direct it.

We have the power to connect to the natural intelligence that exists within us. We can see this natural power when we get a cut and trillions of particles go to fix that cut instantaneously. Practice together with us weekly and connect to your most powerful energy.

The Energy of Life

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Our Philosophy

The main focus of Chi Gong is to breathe into our dantian. It flows the Chi, the force of life, in our body and naturally brings everything in our life into a perfect balance.
Movements are used to assist us in achieving this connection, but it is the focus on breathing to the dantian, where we connect to this energy and flow the perfected energy of unity throughout our bodies and mind.

When you connect to that energy your mind literally becomes quiet. There is peace of mind and focus. This focus is energy. The more you practice, and the more you feel energized, you become laser focused, you connect to the boundless energy within you. You are more creative and less worried. Basically, when the Chi flows there’s no problem in life. 

Chi Gong Masters ask how is that possible?

The power comes from the breath - the only true thing in life. The real and right Chi Gong practice takes years to learn and Master. What I teach is a method how to quicken the process and help you to open the stores of energy in your body. 

Pain makes us think of the place of stagnation. Our mind is focused on the stagnation. It just becomes worse and worse. Chi Gong masters strengthen the consciousness in the Chi, away from darkness. We want to build our energy so that the energy removes the block. My masters taught me that building Chi is how the blockages move.

One way is that the movement moves the energy. The true way is that the breath and energy move the movement of the body! The consciousness behind the movement makes the difference. Consciousness is everything.

There are two energies to connect to the energy of the Universe (the energy of creation from the Big Bang). The energy of life is creation. The Greeks call it Huley. An unlimited, endless energy, explained as unmanifested potential. This is the same definition as Chi. 

You have the energy of life within you. Chi is the energy of life and your energy combined together. We have everything inside of us in a potential state. We have the energy that activates the energy of Light and we want to bring that energy to the world. 

To understand more deeply let’s start with the idea of physical things. Money has power you can go and get. Now I’m talking about the things money can’t buy: Love, security, happiness. If they are dependent on something and something falls, that’s not good. If you have happiness because something happened, it can go away. Therefore, not only do we want to connect to energy, but we want to connect to long lasting energy. How? Recognize it’s already within us and around us. Chi Gong activates it and this consciousness activates it more powerfully together with Chi Gong. 

Regain the vitality in your life so you can do more things, have more patience, and feel healthier. The Chi Gong breath can reduce anxiety and depression. You become stronger physically. After practicing for some time and taking courses people say they feel a significant difference. They worry less, have less fear, less anger, and overall feel more emotionally balanced.

It’s very important to keep practicing until you get to the energy of blessing which is continuity, where the flow of water a river that does not stop. That’s what you can connect to in the Chi Gong I’m teaching you. The secret is what’s behind the practice. The proof is in the putting. You’ll see a result. 

Chi Gong masters say they practice for long life and good health. They build protection from Chi to boost their immune system. Actually Chi Gong masters don’t say they are sick, but only that there is bad chi or stagnation. They use their practice to prevent and release that bad chi and therefore don’t get sick or recover more quickly. Their goal is to reach long life beyond imagination. 

I hope you will join me, build your Chi, and share this with others. When we all share with someone the whole world changes. Each of us is connected to someone else and we can pass on positive energy just by sharing with the people around us. When each of us does that then the whole world changes. 

What is Soulfusion?

Now is the time we need to co-create our own path in unity with the whole world. 

Soulfusion focuses on the ancient Chi Gong secrets of the breath of life, consciousness of breathing, and how to activate the powerful energy within you.

My mission is to create the environment for healing. To teach the method clear in a way that anyone will be able to practice it immediately at home. And help you to open the flow of the Chi that will remove stagnation from your body and your life. A more advanced understanding of this practice is that it bridges between the soul mind and body and therefore it makes you whole. 

My goal is for you to experience it and feel it from the first time you try it. My purpose is that you’ll become your own master healer. 5-10 minutes of this practice a day will change your life completely. It’s not instant gratification. It’s not magic. It’s real. You will feel a physical change, and as you practice on a daily basis the Chi, the energy of life, will grow exponentially over time. I’m here to help you to speed up the practice and see the wonders unfold in your life.  

We teach you how to heal yourself and fuse the breath into your life. You become your own Master. Along my path, I learned that the core of all wisdoms and religions are the same. I took the best of every one and teach the simple truths. I learned that a path needs to be tailored for you.
I encourage you to tailor your own practice. 

The truth is to love each other as ourselves and to treat everybody with human dignity and respect. When we master our breath we can master our reactions and connect to more positivity in life.

That’s why my focus is the breath. Everybody can master the breath. When you connect to your breath, you will be able to do anything in life. Breath creates balance. Focus. Energy. Healing. And much more. 

From the powerful wisdoms of Kabbalah and Chi Gong, and countless other modalities I studied like Buddhism, Yogi, the Dharmi circle, shamanism, astrology, card readings, etc. my Grand Master took 2 years just to teach me how to breathe. That’s how important it is to learn how to breathe correctly.

It is simple for everybody. We can stop eating and drinking, but we can’t live without air. That’s how powerful our breath is. Soulfusion teaches how to breathe and connect to our true self. In any spiritual practice, the breath comes first. Breath can be used for prayer, focus, healing, meditation, reflection, angel work, connecting to the universe, energy, ourself, our planet, whatever you name it.

Now is the time we need to learn how to master our own lives and co-create our own path in unity with the whole world. As my teacher says, we need to “Activate the God-like force within us”. Kabbalist Rav. Whether you use the word: Creator, Spirit, nature, Light, love, or anything else we are all one.

Let’s connect to this unity and loving power within us. The practice of the breath will change your whole life. You will connect to peace, love, and only positive energy. Breath is everything. Join me and share this with others.

Sparks of Light

We are all sparks of light connected to Universal energy of love. See the best in yourself. See the best in others. See the best in the world. 

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