Hebrew Certificate of Kabbalah. Rav Berg. November 29, 1998.



My Journey

I used to get terrible migraines and get sick very easily. I tried seeing different healers and it did not work. I met Dr. Chen in 2001 and everything changed by teaching me the secrets of the ancient Chi Gong breath.

My body gained its natural ability to heal itself. I decided to study Qi Gong in-depth. Dr. Chen was from China and barely spoke English. He taught the original Chi Gong breath and only the breath for 2 years straight.

In 2003, Grand Master Zhang taught me the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits. From my studies I learned about moving energy internally and externally, as well as how to inject that energy with a purpose, which is called a high-level of healing. The advanced Taiji Chi Gong moves I learned from Grand Master Dannie Wu in 2002.

Then, I met Steve Dashi in 2012 to study the Chi Gong movements directly from the lineage of the Ancient Masters. He taught the methods exactly from the Ancient Shaolin Temple that only a few Masters in the world have been able to maintain its accuracy.

Since I was young, I read Eastern and Western books about astrology. I incorporate astrology into my sessions to understand people better. When I was 21, I took a break after my army service. I was reading books everyday. After searching for many hours in my father’s 10,000 book library I found Wheels of the Soul by Rav Berg. Rav Berg was my teacher for 30 years. Rav Berg taught me many things, especially human dignity, kindness, loyalty, and love for people all by example.

My teacher Christelle Chopard taught me the essence of the dharma circle. It is a study that converts karma, trauma, etc. into a positive path called dharma. This helps us to find the light within any situation by seeing the path in a positive way.

I have extensively read many books about Kabbalah, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and other spiritualities. I found the common denominators between different wisdoms. Let’s join together and focus on our commonalities rather than our differences and see how great life can be.