About Chi Gong

Everything is consciousness. When we connect to a positive place, our whole life will change. I will teach you different ways to connect to positive energy. 


Improve Mental Focus 

Emotional Balance

Physical Strength 

Peace of Mind

Vital Energy


Confidence and much, much more…

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Many people do not know about Chi Gong. The main focus of Chi Gong is to breathe into our dantian. When we breathe this way, the Chi (the force of life) flows from the dantian center through our whole body, and it naturally brings everything into a perfect balance. Whether it’s relationships, health, business or soulful - Chi Gong can help. I speak about consciousness to strengthen our mental focus in applying the practice into real life. 

The soul, mind and body become one within ourselves and the world. We feel balanced, at peace, and more focused. When we are focused we can achieve more than we can imagine. This is one secrets of the Masters. Movements are used to assist us in achieving this connection, but it is the focus on breathing to the dantian, where we connect to this energy and let it flow throughout our bodies and mind. 

We see this natural power of energy within our bodies. When we get a cut and trillions of particles go to fix that cut instantaneously. It’s a natural intelligence. Something powerful beyond measure, and it exists within us. We can connect to it and use it. 

This breath is the most powerful way to bring this energy into your life, react to situations in a better way, and ultimately transform your entire life. This includes our businesses, relationships, other meditative practices, and much more. 

The other aspect that I add to the practice is consciousness from a fusion of wisdoms, such as Dao, Yogi, Kabbalah, and others. This strengthens the connection. Practice together with us and connect to your most powerful energy. 

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The Energy of Life