Kabbalah, Dao, and Chi Gong

Kabbalah, Dao, and Chi Gong 

The Zohar, the primary book of Kabbalah, and the Tao Te Ching, the primary book of Daoism (pronounced Dao De Jing), were both written thousands of years ago. The author of the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and the author of Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, wrote universal truths that in essence can be studied and practiced by all people, regardless of gender, sex, age, or religion. The similarities between the two are astounding. Sometimes it feels like the same person wrote it.

We know that something is true for everyone when sages from different parts of the world who never met each other say the same thing. Actually the ultimate truth that is found in all religions, spiritualities, and wisdoms is love thy neighbor as thyself, or written in a secular way, which is also called the golden rule, is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Each practice varies in ways to achieve this consciousness. However, we find many similarities between these two books, which suggests that these wisdoms are closely related. 

The reason I call my practice Soulfusion is because I believe everyone has their own truth. Now is the time to fuse together your own soulful practice in unity with the whole world. I came to this idea after studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for 32 years next to a powerful Rav and 22 years of Chi Gong with three world-renowned Grand Masters. I use Kabbalah to unlock the ancient secrets of the Dao and use Chi Gong to embody this consciousness. The energy system in the universe has two polarities. Up and down, sky and earth, light and darkness, sun and moon, emptiness and fulfillment. It seems to be that there is separation, but when you unify those polarities they actually become one.

The Ancient Daoists called it YinYang and the Kabbalists called it central column. It’s no different that when you’re in a pitch black room and flip the switch the darkness disappears. Although it didn’t go anywhere. There’s the plus and there’s the minus, but when you flip the switch, activating the filament, both of them work in unison. The Ancient Sages knew that the world is in harmony. The only reason we feel different is because we are separated from the Dao, or as the scientists call it the Quantum Consciousness.

The main focus of Chi Gong is to breathe into our dantian. This breath connects us to the energy of the Universe. It flows the Chi, the force of life, in our body and naturally brings everything in our life into a perfect balance. When we connect, the soul, mind and body become one with ourselves, others, and the world. Movements are used to assist us in achieving this connection, but it is the focus on breathing to the dantian, where we connect to this energy and flow the perfected energy of unity throughout our bodies and mind. This breath is the most powerful way to bring this energy into your life, react to situations in a better way, and ultimately transform your entire life.

The Chi Gong masters didn’t believe in the chaotic victim story that sometimes we tell ourselves. We think that things are not balanced. We have anxiety, depression, fear, etc. The masters believe it’s simple. When you feel imbalanced in your body or in your life it’s because the Chi is stagnated and not flowing. The Yinyang is not balanced. It’s a simple problem with a simple solution. By breathing to the dantian and by practicing Chi Gong you assist your body to flow the Chi and remove those blockages. The immediate effect is that you feel more energized. You feel less blocked and you are more clear. But that will also manifest in your environment.

I believe practicing this breath technique on a daily basis will balance your life. Then you will feel your glass is half empty, for the purpose of fulfilling it, and half full, in perfect balance. The more you study you will learn how to change your life. However, the more you breathe through your dantian, practicing everyday, even one breath, will connect you to the place beyond thought, the most powerful place you can be. I took this as one of my life’s mission to teach people how to truly breathe into their dantian in the right way. That is the fastest and most powerful way to create change in one’s life and teach them how to be their own master healer.


Written by Avi and Rebecca Kelman. 


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