Use Gratitude to Paint the Day Positive

We often wake up in the morning a bit grumpy, or full of anxiety and dread. This is why one of my best advice is to practice the breath of life first thing in the morning. You will learn about the breath of life in my Soulfusion classes. If you haven’t learned the details yet, you can take the advice in this blog and apply it in your morning routine. You’ll already feel a huge difference. 

We wake up and we forget all of the good things. It’s normal. That’s why we need to take some time in the morning  to wake up and get ourselves ready for the day.

My advice below is referring to waking up in a deeper way and reconnecting to our soul - the most loving and pure part of ourselves. What we need to do in order to ensure we have a great day is to paint the day in a positive way. 

Take a breath.  

1. Appreciate waking up this morning and being alive 

2. Remember you already have everything. This is an advanced concept to fully understand, however, the truth is, we really have everything in this moment.  

3. Verbalize out loud, “I’m going to have a great day” to yourself and to others. Your words have power. 

5. Paint your day with positive thoughts.

Spend a few minutes looking at a list of ALLLLLL the good things that you have or that has happened in your life. Tie together the individual events as one long, full, and happy day, until you think to yourself: why wouldn't today go well? Instead of thinking, what could go wrong today? Continue focusing on the good things throughout the whole day. Turn any stress or negative thoughts into moments of appreciation.

It’s actually a miracle that the world exists considering all of the chaos that occurs in the world. The more we appreciate, the more we connect to this miracle, and to the idea that happiness doesn’t come from what you have. 

Use appreciation to fill your day with positive energy. You have the power to create a better life. The more you will practice, the more you will see it.