5 Steps to Success

We all need ways to start on the path to success, but it’s even more important to use tips that will help us to succeed when we face obstacles. These 5 tips are the steps to success. Whether you’re starting out, or continuing on your path to achieve your goals, try these recommendations:

Change your Point of view

The first step to becoming successful is changing your point of view. When we look at a building from one side and walk around to the other corner and look at it from there, it can look completely different even though it’s the same building. It’s the same idea when it comes to our life. Changing our point of view even one degree can change our whole perspective. 

Become more Positive

We face challenges everyday. However when we center ourselves and remember there is always another point of view we can have hope in finding a solution. When there is a problem we can react positively by getting creative. Our brain starts to think about solutions that we would have never seen before.  

Find your Compass

Take a moment to answer these questions. What motivates me? What’s my objective in life? What do I want to achieve in life? Finding one answer, even a thread or a passing thought can make a difference. Look into your heart and see if something a simple as love, peace, or care will help you to reach beyond yourself and go past your limits to take a step today towards something bigger than yourself. 

Take a Commitment

Taking a commitment is half the way to success. We often have fear of failure when we take a commitment. Instead of saying I will change my life or I will think positively start with small attainable commitments. For example I will take 2 minutes every morning to focus on my breath. This is something that you can achieve. Small steps lead to big results. 

Alive Meditation

Use what I call alive meditation. Take time to focus on one thought to help you with your commitment or changing point of view. Breathe in positive thoughts and breathe out negative thoughts focusing on your goal. Being active in your meditation will help you to achieve more than you can imagine.