Private Sessions

I will guide you to use simple practices that you can use to make a change in your life. Whether it’s business, relationships, health, or soulful, you will see a difference.

By changing your perspective just one degree your whole life can change.

After training in the army, learning from my Masters, and working on my own and in a family business, I can teach you and we can practice together. Choose a topic below: 
  • How to Improve Your Business Life
  • How to Improve Relationships: Bring more unity to your personal, business, or family relationships 
  • How to Get Started in Life
  • Introduction to Spiritual Wisdoms
  • Life Coaching
  • and of course…Chi Gong 
  • One on One OR mini groups available 

More about Chi Gong Sessions 
As a Master in Chi Gong and Kabbalah with over 30 years of training and coaching, I will guide you to re-awaken the power within you. Learn how to look inside and feel fulfilled by the boundless energy within you and what you have. 
Each session is focused on the breath and building Chi. We only connect to positive energy. The Chi Gong masters believe that once the Chi flows everything flows and blockages will remove on their own. 
The session is focused on the practices and less on talking. You can email me ahead of time an area of your life you want to focus on. However when we meet we will focus on expanding positive Chi that will naturally flow and unblock stagnation.
I will create a space so that you can feel the energy and get a jump start in using the tools. My focus is to teach you the ways to heal yourself and I will guide you to tailor these techniques to balance your energy.
Learn how to fill your relationships, your business, your health, and overall well-being with success, fulfillment, and happiness for the long-term. You will see an immediate difference in your life although this is not instant gratification. You need a few minutes, something everyone can do, to breathe consciously everyday. 
Take this opportunity, take the time and join me. Re-focus and connect to peace, love, and positive energy. 
I am a certified Chi Gong master. I studied with world renowned Chi Gong grand masters in Los Angeles and Las Vegas who taught me how to breathe deeply, connect to healing energy, heal others, various routines, wisdom and much more.
Ask us about zoom! Begin your session at the convenience of your own home.  
BEFORE YOUR SESSION: Send us a few points you wish to go over in the session via email ahead of time so that you can focus during the session on breathing and practicing!

Book Now - Contact Us:

1 session
3 sessions 
Our first two sessions will be in the first week and the third session will be in the second week. With three sessions you will notice a big change in your life.
You will get 1 phone call follow up and email support with your package. 
10 sessions
We will have two-three sessions a week and finish in a month. With ten sessions you will be able to use the tools on your own in a very powerful way. 
You will get 2 phone call follow up and email support with your package
3 month power package 
This is a paid in advance 3 month subscription. You will receive a weekly session for 3 months. That’s 13 sessions total. In addition, to your weekly session you get an additional 1 weekly scheduled phone call and 2 email correspondences. With this 3 month subscription, you will see your whole life change in every aspect: yourself, your close relationships, your business, your community, your environment.

Contact us for prices and availability!

Deeper Healing Services:
Some of these services can be added by request into the personalized consultations. Each services will vary in price. Please contact us with inquiries and we will create an invoice for the specific service.
  • Working with 
  • Angels
  • Past life 
  • Crystals 
  • House clearing - price depends on house size
  • Feng Shui consultations - price depends on house size
With over 30 years of experience and intensive study from world renowned masters, these powerful healing modalities really work. 
Please email me at for more information. Additional costs vary for deeper healing services