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From business to relationships, Avi covers it all.

After being a Sargeant Major in the Army, he knows how to lead people in the right direction. As an R&D family-owned alternative energy public company, he knows how to run businesses. He is an author of Soulfusion Power Up Your Consciousness and Change Your Life. Now as a Master in Chi Gong, he is certified to teach people how to connect to the powerful energy that flows through ourselves and change our life for the best. 

    I expect my students to come out of my seminars changed. Life changed!



    How to Improve Your Business: Bring focus, motivation, and make better decisions 
    I am well versed in different sides of businesses as a businessman and coach. I teach people how to monetize their business ideas and strengthen their work ethic. I have had successful experiences opening small businesses, developing start-ups, and improving sales. I was an executive of business development and R&D in a family-owned alternative energy public company. I successfully traded commodities and currencies as well as stocks. For five years, I ran over 50+ Air BnBs in Los Angeles and coached other people to create their own Air BnB start-ups. I use my experience as well as my knowledge to help people to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and use tools to focus on making their venture successful. Money is energy. Blessing is created by focusing on the positive side of every situation. Changing your perspective and understanding this in a deeper way will bring success, sustenance and a flow of abundance into your life.
    Business success:
    • How to get motivated
    • How to regain focus
    • How to make better decisions
    • How to improve your sales
    • How to feel energized and stimulated
    • How to not feel drained at the end of the day
      How to Improve Relationships: Bring more unity and balance to your personal, business, or family relationships 
      On a more personal level, I have helped many couples bridge their worlds as a relationship coach. I have also helped individuals move forward in their own life. I also use the same ideas to bridge business relationships and partnerships to be more in unity and improve the flow of the businesses.
      Soulfusion Consciousness 
      Over the past 30 years I lectured and taught over 12,000 students around the world. I studied Kabbalah for over 35 years. I studied with 3 world renowned Masters of Chi Gong in the US. Chi Gong is closely related to Daoism. I took similarities from the wisdom of both practices and saw how to use them practically.  I love to share the key pieces of wisdom with others to make their life a better life to live. 
      • Kabbalah
      • Dao
      • Quantum energy and combination of wisdoms 
      • Refocus your entire life and make exponential, transformational growth quickly
      Chi Gong and Meditation and Master Workshop 
      Scroll down and see more details on the bottom of this page! 
      • Connect to breath
      • Use active meditations
      • Learn Chi Gong
      • Reduce stress
      • Improve focus
      • Balance emotions and much more
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    • Spoke in over 32 Cities around the World 
      Across the USA, New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Boca Raton, Sarasota, Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne, London, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Argentina, Uruguay, and more

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      Become Your Own Master 

      In this workshop, you will learn how to access the full potential within you using the power of your breath with Sifu (Chi Gong Master) Avi. When the Chi flows, which is the main objective of Chi Gong and Soulfusion Breath, then it balances your thoughts, your emotions, your state of mind, and naturally heals the body. You can become more focused and therefore achieve more. You can care for others more easily in relationships. You can build your Chi - your life energy and stamina. As the Chi Gong Masters say, Chi Gong boosts the immune system too. You can see your whole life improve! 
      • Understand the connection to our thoughts through the energies, openings and blockages throughout the body  
          • Fully Balance our energies, thoughts, and feelings
              • Regain Focus 
                  • Target areas of our life to improve and bring this energy into those areas - whether it’s business, relationships, sustenance, health 
                      In a short period of time you become the person you always wanted to be. When we connect to our breath we re-connect to our internal power, which is powerful beyond measure and can bring you contentment, peace of mind, healing and much more to all parts of your life. You will learn how to fuse this into every area of your life or any practice you have. Take yoga, meditation, business, and your relationships to another level. Have more energy, power, wisdom and confidence to take control over your life. 


                      Part 1

                      Join Us to Learn: 
                      • The Ancient Chi Gong Breath of Life 
                      • Consciousness of the Breath 
                      • The Movement of Energy 
                      • Learn Chi Gong movements of the Wu-Dan and 8 Brocade
                      • How to Focus Thoughts 
                      • How to Access our Internal Healing Energy and Fulfillment 
                      Watch Life-Changing Testimonial
                      After part one, you will feel a tremendous change and have the tools to continue healing yourself. Learn how to look inside to feel fulfilled by the boundless energy within you and what you have. I will create the space to allow you to heal more quickly, so that you can jump start to learn the tools and continue your practice. 
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                        Becoming a Master Advanced

                        My masters say this is the time to teach the secrets to many. I can assist you to achieve that level in a short period of time. It’s so important, especially now a days. This used to be achieved when masters dedicated their life to become a monk or warrior and obtain that kind of power. Or someone learning for 20 years to become a master, like myself. I can teach a person to learn and benefit in such a short period of time as well as strengthen and master it in 6 months to a year. That’s what I learned how to do.
                        Part 2-8 MASTER TRAINING COURSE 
                        Each breathing workshop is about bringing more peace and unity into your life and spreading the energy to create unity around you. We are the master of our life. When we feel out of control, our breath can re-center us to the pure part of life. We become the masters of our life. We need this now more than ever. The stronger we build our practice within, the more we can teach and share with others.
                        Deepening the Practice
                      • Washing Body 
                      • Hand Acupuncture
                      • Taiji Chi Gong
                      • Microcosmos
                      • Macrocosmos
                      • Silk Weavers
                      • Dragon Breath
                      • Sao Loong
                      • Iron Shirt 
                      • Delve into the 7 Chakras and 5 main parts of the body:
                      • Organs and openings 
                      • Dao and Yogi Chakras,
                      • Chakras of Bakwah,
                      • Octagon and Pentagon
                      • Sun and Trees 
                      • World and Universe
                      • Healing Energy
                      • ”When I went to my Chi Gong master, he barely spoke English. I felt his energy as soon as I walked in the room. After I asked what can you do for me? I took his business card and put my hand over it a distance of 20cm and I felt fire coming from it. Literally, I felt a burn in my hand. He said, I’ll teach you how to harness that energy. I thought it was a cool thing and later I felt it in my body. Then I understood that this energy could be interjected into my home, my relationships, my work, sustenance, and my life.” (Avi) 
                        Complete Becoming a Master:
                        • Complete the hours 
                        • Private one-on-one
                        • Pass the verbal and physical tests
                        • Receive your Certification 

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