Yinyang and Breath

We just read this new book (YinYang by Robin Wang) that says some used the word yinyang as one word without a hyphen or separation. I love this because it emanates the energy of unity. 

We can look at life in a more positive way when we connect to unity. When there is lack, there is an opportunity for fulfillment. However when life is stressful and we feel reactive, we don’t see it that way. We immediately start breathing into our chest. We usually disconnect from our life source energy, our breath, unless we become our own masters and learn how to breathe into the dantian all the time.

When we breathe into the dantian - the storehouse of Chi, also called the yinyang of the body, the energy naturally flows through all the chakras and energy centers. We connect to endless, positive energy and the stagnation or blockages move on their own. We might not be able to see it right away but it shows up in our life too. When we are positive, our life is more positive. 

When we connect to the dantian, we connect to no thoughts. An endless space of infinite possibility. This nothingness (which may show up in our life sometimes as lack) is actually endless opportunity. 

Again, the Yinyang is a representation of unity. The desire awakened from lack is fulfilled in perfect unison. In reality, life is perfect all the time. However, we don’t always see it that way. 

Less than 1% of reality is the physical reality which we interact with everyday. 99.9999% of reality we do not see and cannot see even with a microscope. Scientists are able to show us that there is an energy that exists within atoms. 

This energy, that moves the particles within atoms, is consciousness. The two words - energy and consciousness - are synonymous. Our Universe is interconnected by this energetic, conscious force. On this level of reality we know that life is full of energy. 

We know this energy is inside everything. Even when we don’t feel it, we know it’s there. Knowing this helps us to connect to it. At the same time we know that we don’t know 99% of reality. We can use our practice to breathe and connect to yinyang, no thought, and endless possibilities.