Ways to Spread the Love

When you act with more positivity in your life, your life will change. Your environment will change. Your world changes. And the rest of the world too. It’s a ripple effect. We do affect people around us.  

When you treat the teller at the bank with kindness, the cashier at the grocery store with a compliment, or drive less aggressively, you automatically have a better day and so does everyone around you. This is how we clean the energy in our environment.  

Sharing this energy can be giving some type of positive energy to someone else or it can be restricting negative energy. Not getting angry at the other person. Not saying something nasty. Not reacting to the situation. Think about what the other person wants. 

We are responsible for the people we interact with. That means at least 10-50 people depending on us. It starts with one of your friends interacting with their family and their family member affecting their co-worker and so on and so forth. Your everyday interactions - your family, your friends, school or work acquaintances, and local community is the place to focus your energy in order to make the world a more peaceful place to live.

Soon people in your town are more positive, and this spreads to the thousands of people in your city and in your state, then it starts to reach the millions of people in your country, and the billions of people in the whole world. We do affect the world. Each and every one of us. 

We do need support and we do need to support other people. We are human. We are all growing on our path towards a more peaceful and loving world and we need to help each other. Protect yourself by staying away from negative people that get you angry. Confront issues so you’re not exploding on the inside. It’s okay not to be overly nice, but it’s more important not to get angry and not to treat someone with anger. 

 Every single one of us make a difference. 

 There is a story that depicts this well. A man walked to the shore. He found millions of starfish dying. He was throwing starfish back into the water one by one. 

Another man walked up to him and said, what difference do you make? You are only throwing back one at a time and millions of starfish are dying.

The older man continued picking up starfish, one by one, and throwing them into the water. 

He replied, I made a difference to that starfish. 

 Life is not about making global changes that only some have the power to do. Life is about changing one person’s life at a time. Remember, we are all interconnected to each other. 

Being kind to another human being who bothers us can be the hardest thing to do, but everyday we have opportunities to make the world a better place. You have the free will to expand darkness or expand light. Choose to spread the love. You will see Light in the world grow brighter everyday.

When we do our part the whole world benefits. We believe in you.

You can change the world.