The Commitment to Unity: The Secret to Life

There are 7 billion different people in the world. That means there are 7 billion different views of the world. How do we create unity between people?  

Ants can walk for miles in a straight line. One is going to the colony, while the other is going out. They are moving non-stop – not thinking about themselves. When they come face to face each one gives way for the other. They all work together in unison, part of the whole, as if they are one body. 

In our body, when we get a cut, trillions of particles rush to the area to fix it instantaneously. Our body comes together and heals as one unit.

As you can see, ants naturally live as a unified network. We as humans need to put in effort, internally and externally, to express unity with another person. 

In nature we see that unity works best. When it comes to people coming together it seems much harder. We have to understand that the hardest space to remove is the space between people.  

The Great Sages concluded that the way to start creating universal unity is with one person at a time. If we achieve it with another person, our worlds unite. This will be contagious, physically and on a quantum conscious level. The whole world will become one consciously and then physically. 

When we take a commitment to be in unity it means we are committed to treat every person with human dignity. It means we agree to love another person as we would love ourselves.  

Love is a big word.  

Love can be expressed on many levels. The first level of love is to treat everyone, including ourselves, with human dignity.   

Give respect and put in the effort not to embarrass someone else. Change the subject to something good. Help each other to stop judgement and hatred for no reason. Choose not to spread the rumor that can potentially hurt someone’s personal life, family life, or business life. 

When we get angry it’s instant gratification. We submit ourselves to our immediate reaction. And it’s easier to be reactive. It’s much harder to hold back. However it’s really an oxi moron because it doesn’t satisfy us in the long run. Our commitment is to be in unity. Not to fight.

“For all the good reasons in the world, I will choose unity over separation. Even if I am right, I will not hate the other person.” This is real unity. 

My teacher told me: “People will not be of one character. Everyone is unique. Everyone should be unique. The secret to peace is to tolerate other people despite not agreeing with them. No one has to agree. But we must have tolerance that others have the same entitlement.” 

So what do we do when the stress piles up? When we are bombarded? When we are tired? When we are attacked? Then how do we find the strength to act in unity? What is our true motivation?  

It’s simple. 

There is no other choice. 

According to medical studies, stress creates sickness in the body. In kinesiology, scientists found that when we think a positive thought our muscles are strong and relaxed. When we think negatively our muscles are weaker. Our negative reactions to other people manifests within us as fear, anxiety, and depression. 

 When we are put to the test - we feel hurt, upset, angry, deflated, or in despair - this is the moment to sacrifice our pain, and use our soul energy, the piece of ourselves connected to a force that is stronger than ourselves, to help us be in unity with the other person. This is our shining moment to be tolerant of the other person and to not react to our pain. To not treat the other person without human dignity. 

This sacrifice sounds painful and impossible. However, I have some good news for you. This sacrifice connects us to the energy of love. Our consciousness is the energy-intelligence of our mind, body, and soul. When we connect to positive energy we fill our consciousness - our mind, body, and soul - with positivity. When we connect to negativity, we fill our mind, body, and soul with negativity. 

If we choose not to get upset at another person, we fill our being with health, wealth, happiness, and love. If we harbor ill will towards another person, with hatred, envy, intolerance, or resentment, we fill our minds, bodies, and souls with destruction, darkness, and death. 

The underlying reason to choose unity, is simple. It is beneficial to every aspect of our life. It is the practical way to live.  

On a spiritual level, it is said that if you love thy neighbor, you protect your health and your wealth. This means your body, your family, your relationship, your business, your entire life is saved by treating others with human dignity. On the contrary, if you treat others without human dignity, there is damage to your health and your wealth. Your body, your love life, your financial sustenance is at risk. 

Although we may experience pain by sacrificing our urge to get angry, rude, and reactive to a person who treated us poorly, we have no other choice. Stay within the framework of respect.

Think of the person as a human. This person might be nasty, but they have a life too. We are stronger than our impulse to get angry. We want a life full of long-lasting fulfillment and freedom from pain. Breathe out anger. Use your breath to stay strong. Unity is the guarantee to health, wealth, and happiness. 

If we choose the more difficult path by sacrificing ourselves in order to better someone else’s life better, not only we make our immediate and global environment better but we infuse our being with this positive energy that is able remove pain, suffering and chaos from our life and the world. 

It’s a numbers game. It’s math. It’s science. Negativity begets negativity. We can all agree on that. More positive actions will create more positivity and eliminate negativity. By adding up our efforts and sacrifices we will see the difference in our life and we will see a change in the world. 

Take a look at your life. Where can you take the first step towards human dignity?