Spiritual Action in the Physical World

Flow and love are all apart of nature. When flow and love are together it is called unity. When we are in unity within ourselves we become in affinity with the universe. That taps us into quantum consciousness and creates synergy and fulfillment within ourselves.

If there is one common denominator that absolutely every wisdom, spirituality, and religion talk about, it is love. Love thy neighbor as thyself. 

Random acts of sharing means going outside of yourself or going out of your way to help someone else. 

One small action can change their world.

If I am smiling, someone will smile back. If I am angry, that anger spreads. Simple acts of sharing spreads love.

It is common for people to think well, no one is sharing back to me. We do not share love to receive the same actions in return, but to create unity around us. Actually, we spend more time thinking about ourselves than the time we actually share with others. We are not naturally selfless, but we can start by thinking about the other person. This mindset will grow as it begins the flow of energy within and around each other. 

You will begin to see changes in your life when you give more to others. Separation like talking poorly about other people or arguing creates chaos and wars. Random acts of sharing counteracts that negativity, spreads love, and creates peace. 

Our natural way of receiving energy is through the physical reality - eating, sleeping, drinking, and receiving from our environment. That energy is instant gratification and we need to constantly fill ourselves. 

There is another way to receive energy which is long lasting. It is when we share with others. We notice it when we share to somebody that we consider to be important to us or somebody that we love. We feel enlightened and that flow of energy fills us.

The truth is every single time we share with anybody we get bits of that energy. The nature of that energy is a circuit between us and the other person, therefore, us and the world. That type of energy will last forever. 

It comes with a lot of effort to go outside of ourselves because the nature of our ego is to be self-centered. We do not do anything in life without motivation, but with effort comes great rewards. Try it and you will be overwhelmed with the results.