See the Love

When you are turning into a parking spot and someone else lets you take it. Or the cashier greets you with a smile and says, how are you today? Life is so much better. 

See the Love 

No matter what is going on in the world today, we can see love all around us! We can see that people are kind to each other. The more we talk about these moments and appreciate them ourselves we can raise the consciousness in the world. 

Just our small selves 

Just our small selves can make a difference in the world. Ignore the snears. Focus on the good moments. Imagine people going through the day more friendly today. And actually be that person. Don’t react to the judgements and the person who cuts you off on the highway. Pass on the smile. You will make your environment better. And eventually the whole world becomes better.


Use the Chi Gong breath to inhale Light and exhale darkness. Allow yourself to be more accepting today! Use the power of your breath to change your reality.