How to use your Practice in Real Life

Often people practice yoga, meditation, chi gong to feel better. When we feel good, our whole day is brighter. We are calmer and react better in stressful situations. It is very important to remember that our practice is meant to be used in order to act with grace and restraint in tough situations. Instead of getting angry, we are able to use our reservoir of strength that we built and use it to treat other people with respect, and those who are close to us with love and care.


When you have this consciousness of sharing with others, you will receive more from your practice and use it for its ultimate purpose. As in the previous posts, you’ll learn that the way to protect your health and your wealth is only by treating others with human dignity. This means not getting angry at others.  When we feel hurt it’s very difficult to act with restraint. However if we respect others, it doesn’t mean we have to be friends, but it means we won’t mistreat them no matter what. And for a good reason - to protect ourselves.


Connect to your breath. 1-3 minutes a day will restore your connection and you will be able to use this energy to manage stress that shows up in your life. Your practice is meant to for you to become a warrior: a warrior who is strong enough to use restraint and act with respect at all times.


It is said a true warrior is one who does not argue when he wants to argue. Without the situation arising, we would not have the opportunity to restrict and act with mercy. However we should not put ourselves in tough situations. Life will naturally bring us the situations we need to use restriction and this helps us grows as warriors.


The Power of the Chi Gong breath is more powerful that you can imagine. The breath will flow an energy through your whole self that allows your to connect to an endless life source. Use this energy to make smart decisions and you will see a difference in your life.