Chi Gong Breath

Chi is the energy of life and the actual energy of the body. You do not need to be spiritual to connect to it, however, it’s much more than just body energy. It’s the energy of life which gives you inner strength, vitality, stamina, and focus. 

Phsycality has energy. Money has power. But what about the things money can’t buy? Love, security, and happiness. We want an energy. We want anything that brings us the energy of love and unity, fulfillment and satisfaction. 

When you connect to that energy your mind literally becomes quiet. There is peace of mind and focus. This focus is energy. You can harness and expand this energy though the practice of Chi Gong. 

The main focus of Chi Gong is to breathe into the dantian. It flows the Chi, the force of life, in our body and naturally brings everything in our life into a perfect balance. 

Basically, when the Chi flows there’s no problem in life. The Chi is a bridge between the soul, mind, and body. The Chi of the body influences the Chi of the mind which effects our thought processes and emotions. Therefore, when the Chi flows, it balances your state of mind, thoughts and emotions, and heals your body too.

The power comes from the breath - the only true thing in life. The real and right Chi Gong practice takes years to learn and master. Movements are used to assist us in achieving this connection, but the focus is breathing to the dantian. That’s the center. It’s the yingyang of the body made of the perfect energy of unity. When we connect to it, we become one with ourselves, others, and the world. 

The more you practice, the more you will become laser-focused. You will be able to connect to the boundless energy within you more powerfully. 

It takes time. We have so many blockages and stagnation. Sometimes we don’t know why we are down and we invent a reason. Chi Gong masters keep it simple. They say there’s a blockage. Connect to happiness, connect to Chi and the blockage is removed. 

Anger is an example that there is a blockage. The energy cannot pass the blockage and creates the feeling of frustration. With positive Chi, the blockage is removed. Now you feel calm, secure, and fulfilled. 

Worried? We worry about things that do not exist. It’s another blockage. Flow the energy. Now you feel what you already have. Security. You’re happy and feel good about yourself. You’re more balanced. Now go to the world and do your thing. The world will move and flow. 

The more you practice breathing, the easier it is to react calmly to stressful situations and strengthen your internal, positive energy. Recognize that energy is already within us and around us. With this consciousness the practice of Chi Gong becomes more powerful. Just breathe. 

Written by Avi and Rebecca Kelman.

Copyright ©️ 2021.