4 Ways to Live

First of all, why do we want to be humble? 

When we are humble we are able to connect to the greatest force in the Universe. The energy force, whichever word you use to connect to it, can only flow through us when we are humble. This force gives you love, contentment, and happiness. If that is not a good reason to be humble, I don’t know what is.

Being humble, also means living with respect. Respect means treating all people with human diginity. Treating someone with human dignity means not embarrassing or killing someone’s reputation, business, relationships, family name, or literal life. It does not mean that we have to be overly kind all the time. It means treating the other person as a whole, loving, living being especially when you’re upset or angry.

We live in a world where everything is alive. The energy of the Universe that created everything is inside of everything (humans, animals, vegetation, and inanimate). When we connect to that energy in all living things, by always putting other humans first, we gain respect for the infinite force of energy that sustains us. We fill ourselves with greatness. Only by lowering ourselves, are we lifted up. 

What are the 4 ways to be humble? 

1. Be someone who learns from everyone 

2. Be someone who controls what you say 

3. Be satisfied with what you have 

4. Respect every person 


One: listen to everyone. It helps you to lower your ego. You’ll be surprised what signs you’ll receive when you’re open to hearing from anyone. Whether they are rich or poor, smart or not so smart, we all have this energy force of the Universe within us and this is one way to let each other shine. 

Two: control what you say, especially when you’re upset or angry. A true warrior doesn’t speak or fight when he wants to. His strength is his mercy. Do restriction on your words. It says the desire to speak and the withholding of angry words sustains the whole world. You actually spread positive energy by not speaking angrily when you want to say. Try it. 

Three: there is a proverb - who is a rich person?  The rich person is satisfied with what they have. You’ll never be happy by having more. You’ll be happy by being satisfied with what you’re given. 

Four: Respect everyone person. Every person has a Divine Light inside of them. Otherwise they wouldn’t be alive. We breathe this energy when we breathe. The breath of life sustains us because it has the energy of the Universe inside of it. Without breath, we die. With breath, we are alive. Learn to respect the energy of all living things. Connect to the spark inside, and you’ll feel the difference.